My two hot Step Moms

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Kit Mercer is visiting her friend, Vera King. Both of them known Juan Loco, Vera’s stepson, since he was a little boy. Kit is like an aunt to Vera, but Juan Loco sees Kit as a hot MILF. He used to fantasize about fucking her. The first thing Kit does is to put Juan’s face right in her breasts for a hug. All of them sit down to catch up and as soon as Kit asks about Juan’s girlfriends, Vera spills the beans. She tells Kit that Juan has a problem with premature ejaculation. Juan storms out but later on he knocks on the guest room door to see if his cell phone charger is there. Kit doesn’t have his charger, but she is eager to help him with the premature ejaculation problem.

She get’s Juan’s cock out to help him hold his load a little bit longer. Stroking Juan’s big dick Kit’s horny as hell. She pops her big boobs out to give Juan a titty fuck. In the middle of it all Vera walks in on them, and although she continues to embarrass her stepson she also want’s to help out. She drops to her knees, alongside Kit and they deep throat Juan’s dick. They both suck it until he blows his white load in Kit’s open mouth. The two hot step moms aren’t done with Juan just yet. They insist that it’s time for another round two. Kit is down on her hands and knees so Juan can finally enjoy fucking her just like he fantasized: doggy style.

Vera watches her BFF and stepson get it on and gets naked. She’s waiting her turn until she can climb up on Juan’s big cock. Reaching down, Vera rubs Kit’s pussy to double down on her BFF’s pleasure. Then Vera climbs on top of Kit to present a double pussy stack for Juan to fuck. Juan is buried balls deep in his stepmom when the girls give him the permission to cum again because he earned it. Pulling out, he pops all over Vera’s ass to the praise of both his hot step moms.